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The service and testing of the MV Switchgear is performed annually. During the service of the MV Switchgear all moveable parts are cleaned and lubricated. The wiring is checked for loose connections and tightness of screws, selector switches and micro switches. A functionality test is performed outside the panel to ensure that the motor, closing and trip circuit is fully functional.

Notes are made of the coil resistance's as well as the number of switching events that has been performed. The coil and motor voltages are captured for your info on the certificate.

A contact resistance, speed test and pressure test is also conducted during the annual service of the MV Switchgear. Having performed these tests all is done that is reasonable to prove the correct operation of the MV Switchgear.

AMP have a dedicated team that can assist with minor repairs on site, if found that the switchgear tested with low ductor values or cracked insulators our team will inform the client about the dangers involved with a recommendation before the Switch will be returned for service.

AMP performs service and testing off Vacuum, SF6 and OCB’s on site. If need to AMP Staff will top up the SF6 gas or replace the oil in the OCB’s. AMP also service and test LV Switches and core unbalance CT’s.

We at AMP strive to allow you to have a safer substation in the interest of your valuable staff.

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