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“Power Quality” is a term that is increasingly being used by utilities and medium to large power consumers. Its parameters have for long been a topic of concern, and the need for constant voltage and frequency has always been recognized. However, recent trends toward energy conservation, the increasing utilization of electronic loads, and the proliferation of sensitive electronic equipment are changing the definition of what is meant by “constant voltage”. Any voltage supply shows some sort of a voltage deviation when large loads are being added.

AMP can perform energy verification measurements on your existing energy billing meter. Installing a calibrated meter in parallel to your existing meter making use of external current transformers to verify your current billing account.

AMP is in possession of 30 recorders, which is capable to performing measurements as indicated below. These instruments can be installed to perform load and harmonic measurements simultaneously. The recorders are installed making use of External current transducers without breaking into the current circuit; no outage is required for the installation of the recorders. Measurements can be done on HT & MV panels making use of existing VT’s and CT’s. For the LV networks external CT’s can be used to perform measurements. The following Parameters can be recorded simultaneously.

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