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AMP Switchgear and Maintenance specializes in various fields including substation maintenance, Quality of supply and load measurements, Over current and earth fault Protection. Our customers include large and small utilities, industrial plants and government facilities.



• Measurement of Compliance with the  Quality   of Supply (NRS 048) specification

• Harmonic measurements

• Harmonic analysis

• Voltage unbalance measurements

• Voltage flicker measurements

• Energy verification measurements

• Load profile measurements and load studies

• Power Factor measurements

• Voltage disturbance measurements

• DC measurements

• Motor speed measurements

• Transient measurements – analysis of transient waveforms

Substation Maintenance

• Infrared (IR Scanning)- Thermographs

• Perform Ultra sound on MV Switch Gear

• Primary and secondary injection testing

• Protection grading studies and application of settings

• Substation Commissioning

• Servicing MV Switch Gear – including visual inspection, cleaning of operating mechanisms, lubricating contacts, SF6 level check and perform mechanical operation test of contactors

• Service and testing of OCB’s - Changing of oil

• Contact resistance test (Ductor)

• Insulation Pressure testing up to 30kV.

• Breaker contact speed test – open, close and trip time.

• Servicing and testing of Battery Tripping units (BTU)

•Perform Earth resistance and soil resistivity measurements.

•Partial Discharge Measurements


• Collecting of oil samples

• Transformer field maintenance repairs

• Transformer oil processing, testing & analysis

• Onsite oil purification

• Tap changers & OCB services

• Installation of Bucholz Relay, temperature and explosive vent protection

• Perform ratio , open and short circuit, megger and impedance tests on transformers

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